8 best streetwear clothing men need to follow this year

8 best streetwear clothing men need to follow this year

As you know roaming around with style and class is a priority to everyone and people always like to follow the new fashion trends whether they are about the bags, wallets, sweatshirts or formal wear. As every year comes with the new high fashion streetwear trends and today we are going to discuss the 2020 Mens streetwear fashion wear trends that every man needs to follow.

However, clothing is a priority which can’t be avoided. Although men have a large variety of clothing fashions, etc but keeping the style up to date is something that you should not avoid too.

There are different clothing styles for every occasion but today we are only going to discuss the streetwear ones or you can call it casual too.

Although the Mens streetwear fashion trend is highly underrated because of the busy schedules and it’s totally understandable that following the trends might be difficult with the busy schedules but we are going to tell you some really cool mens streetwear fashion trends that will be easily available in every market or shop so that you don’t have to be specific about anything.

Let’s hop and find out the finest 2020 streetwear clothing trends.

What are the 2020 men’s fashions trends that you should assuredly follow?

However, the summers have different high fashion streetwear trends and the winters got different. We are going to follow up both of them in this article to ease things down for you.

Although, following the fashion trend is important but do you know what’s more important than just keeping the style up to date? It’s how you carry your clothes.


As you know the winter is here and the streetwear sweatshirt is the most common fashion trend that everyone follows and it stays in trend every year. The streetwear sweatshirt is evergreen in the winters, as they are warm to wear and goes just perfect with casual occasions. You can wear different jackets and bombers with the MDRN1459 sweatshirts and it will still look cool.


The Cuban collar shirts are the most popular summer style that is in trend in the year 2020. The following shirts look really cool and stylish in the summers as they come in a huge variety of colours and styles which goes well with every occasion whether it’s the party or the night out with your friends. They have a distinctive short sleeves, collars and are a really easy way to level up an outfit and turn it into a real statement.

The Cuban collar shirts are available in the bold style and solid colour plain designs. You can complete the following outfit with chinos and sunglasses to level up your clothing style.


The flares are a popular clothing trend from the 70’s era and its back in trend in 2020. As you know the old underground streetwear fashion trends come and go from time to time. The flares are basically the trousers that go perfect with the streetwear clothing. They are easy to carry and you can really just go anywhere wearing the flares. They have a thin upper leg and an exaggerated ankle.

You can pair the flares with the slim-fitting shirts or a turtleneck to emphasize the bell bottom. They even go just perfect with the oversized streetwear hoodies and as you know it’s winter already. To look even more casual they go perfect with the oversized t-shirts as well.


As you know the shorts are a summer style casual clothing trend which is also an evergreen fashion that looks cool with almost everything. You can easily achieve the ultimate casual feel with over the knee shorts. It’s an easy and convenient way to keep yourself covered and still look casual and cool to beat the summer heat.

They are also available in different patterns and designs. These shorts come in bold patterns and in bright colours too. You can pair the following shorts with the open-up shirts and fresh kicks.


Do you remember the 80’s era? Where the oversized blazers were so in demand and guess what? They are back in the underground streetwear trend in the year 2020. Although, you can wear normal sized ones too but they are not for the high fashion streetwear style.

Level up your clothing fashion by taking the blazers a few sizes up. They are available in the pin-stripe patterns and in one colour too so that you don’t have to be worried about the designs. The oversized blazers are a great way to look casual with a modern outfit. You can pair these up with the basic T-shirts or jazzy button-down shirts and jeans. Rock the winters with the oversized blazers.


Patchwork prints are also an old era fashion trend that has become popular in 2020 again. The patchwork prints are a great way to look extra casual with the perfect streetwear hoodies. They are available in the Versace-Esque designs and in plaid patterns too.

The patchwork prints are something that looks great on everyone. You can pair the patchwork prints with the contrasting colour streetwear hoodies, T-shirts to make the complete outfit look impeccable. You can even level up the outfit with the funky styled jeans and for the classic feel, you can even wear the trousers with these patchwork prints. Check out the latest collection at MDRN1459.


Not all the tailoring or the suits have to be fit and all buttoned up. The oversized suits are a great way to achieve that classic modern look while looking complete casual in the streets. You can pair these with the oversized suits with the white coloured T-shirts and sneakers while keeping the blazer buttoned up to make it classy and achieve the street style.


You might remember the 40’s era where the high-waisted trousers were so in demand and popular. Well, that time is back if you are a huge fan of the high-waisted trousers then this is the perfect time for you to level-up your clothing fashion. You can pair the high-waisted trousers with a tucked-up T-shirt and even with an open shirt to achieve the casual but modern look you want.

The following underground streetwear fashion trend is a great way to achieve a classy look all year.


Concerned about what you should wear in the year 2020 to level-up your fashion trends? Well, ease down your worries with MDRN1459 and you will find out some really cool clothing fashions trends to look classy in the high fashion streetwear.

Know more about how you can carry Mens streetwear with different designs and clothes to complete the outfit. Try them out and you will assuredly be getting the compliments all day.

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