Step by Step guide to dressing like a rapper

Step by Step guide to dressing like a rapper
Rap music is very common in today’s world. Most people admire rap music and take it as an inspiration. There are many famous rappers who are liked by people from all across the world. It is a general concept that you want to look like those who you are looking up to for inspiration.Nowadays, most teenagers, especially and also adults, prefers Hip Hop or rap music. They want to look like famous rappers because they consider them a role model. Rapper-style clothing is easy if you know some of the basics of it. Men’s Hip Hop fashion is also becoming a trend on a wider platform. Name brand hoodies of certain musicians are also available in online stores as well as traditional stores.We will have a look at a step-by-step guide to dress like a rapper. Some of the rapper-style clothing will also be discussed in detail so that you can have a better idea about the dressing sense of rappers and how you can start getting dressed the same.


How to dress like a rapper?

Let’s have a look at some of the most important steps you should follow for rapper-style clothing. We will also discuss men’s Hip Hop fashion and what are their latest trends that you should know about.

Step 1: Make an oriented choice.

First of all, you need to be clear about your choice. Suppose there is a specific role model that you want to follow. It is recommended to go through his or her portfolio and observe the style. This will provide you with a clear Idea regarding the things that you want to add to your clothing style, which looks like a rapper.

You should also consider the fact that the style you are selecting is comfortable and accurate for you. Sometimes a specific style can suit a person due to his personality. You have to understand that you have a different personality, and there is some innovation you can bring to rapper style clothing.

Step 2: Gather the accessories

Men’s hip-hop fashion is not just about clothes. You also need to get the other accessories required for completing your look. You must have seen that rappers wear different styles of sunglasses, savage pieces of jewelry, trendy and eye-catching shoes, different hair accessories that look prominent, and other such accessories. You have to think about all these things before going for the clothes.

Accessories can make your look complete and also enhance it. If you want to dress like a rapper, accessories are the main thing that you should get. There are also different types of hats that the rappers prefer while performing. Sometimes they also like to carry certain stuff like wands or other such things to give them a funky look. It is not necessary to wear all the accessories at once. You can choose according to the costume you want to wear. If it is for some occasion, you can also get accessories related to that, for example, Halloween.

Step 3: Selecting the right type of top

Whatever you are wearing as a top will catch the attention immediately. This makes it very important to select the type of top that rappers prefer. You can also get help from street apparel clothing websites with free shipping to deliver rapper-style tops that are convenient to get.

If you are a man and you want to make a choice for the top, it is recommended to choose a baggy top that is loose and comfortable. Most of them like to wear such tops which are very loose, making them feel comfortable whiles their performance. It is also considered a symbol and trend in the rap industry. Some of the admirable choices that you can make as a man are mentioned.

  • Loose T-shirts that are comfortable
  • Baggy T-shirts with a logo or funky design printed
  • Jerseys that are used in Basketball
  • Oversized hoodies
  • Shirts with a deeper neck

Similarly, if you are women who want to dress like a rapper, it is recommended to wear bright colors which capture the eye immediately. The whole point of rapper-style clothing is to look prominent and different from the entire crowd. There are some smart choices as a woman you can make when it comes to choosing the top.

  • Shirts have graphic designs.
  • Printed shirts with trendy designs.
  • Tank tops or other Hip Hop female trends
  • Always go for bright colors that are radiating and Luminous.
  • Shirts with text or animal print will look stylish.

Step 4: Choosing the right type of pants

Men Hip Hop fashion includes baggy pants that are very comfortable, just like the tops. You can also go for trendy jeans or pants that have holes in them as a logo of Style. There could be colorful patches in your pants to make them look appealing and prominent.

Make sure that the genes or pants that you are wearing aren’t much that loose, which doesn’t let people see your shoes. When it comes to female Hip Hop fashion, you can go for skinny leggings in a bright color. Tight-fitted jeans in trendy designs are also a good match.

Denim pants always in fashion, which cannot be resisted. It goes both for men and women because it is appealing and also according to the rapper style clothing. However, there is an important point that you should consider before wearing your pants.

It is recommended to wear your pants higher on the waist, which can reveal your shoes and most of your feet. This is a trendy style that is followed by most of the rappers in the industry. Some of the rappers also wear their pants around the knees, which look stylish. There are certain cowboy trends you can follow as rapper-style clothing.

Step 5: Choose the right jacket

If you are into Hip Hop musical lot, you must have observed that most rappers prefer to wear a jacket. For rapper-style clothing, you have to make a smart choice of a jacket that can go well with the outfit you have chosen for yourself.
There are name-brand hoodies available in the market with photos of your favorite rappers. These name-brand hoodies also come with the name of your favorite rapper as well as a few lyrics of his or her famous rap. You can choose these hoodies to wear on your tops because they will convey the message of you dressing up as a rapper. Name brand hoodies will also show your admiration and appreciation for the rappers and how you want to dress like one.

If you are choosing the jacket, you should know that the rap industry started in the ’90s and ’80s, but it has become popular in the past few years. You can go for the old-style 90 jackets as they will reflect the history of rapping. You can also wear different styles of leather and denim jackets but make sure that they are different and trendy from what the rest of the world is wearing.

Women can also go for tightly fitted jackets made up of leather or Denim. If you want to wear something loose different sports jackets or baggy jackets will be a perfect choice that you can make. Whatever you wear, make sure to wear it as a symbol of the Rapping industry reflecting elegance and style.

Step 6: Choosing the right type of hat and Bandana

Bandanas are very popular and considered cool among rappers. It is recommended to choose the best Bandana because it will make you look noticeable and just like a rapper. Bandana is a type of handkerchief or scarf which is tied on the head in a triangular position. It looks very cool and funky if you have chosen the right one.

Till this step, you must have chosen the outfit you want to wear. It will look very vibrant if you choose the Bandana according to the outfit. It should have some funky designs or lyrics from your favorite rap. You can also showcase a picture of your favorite rapper by wearing a Bandana. It should be of bright and vibrant color because men’s Hip Hop fashion is all about Luminous colors, which look attractive and eye-catching.

There is a street apparel clothing website with free shipping, which can deliver bandanas along with the clothes on your doorsteps. After choosing the Bandana, you should choose a perfect hat to get along with it. You can fix the Bandana and wear the hat on top of it. The choice of hat should also be according to the costume you are wearing. Along with the hat, it is also recommended to get a trendy pair of sunglasses that looks amazing with your outfit.

Step 7: Choose the right type of jewelry

Jewelry is of no doubt the main aspect of rappers’ clothing. Wearing jewelry has specific terms in the rapping industry like bling or ice. Among men Hip Hop fashion it is very likely to make bold choices of jewelry.

Common people do not relate to it much, but if you want rapper-style clothing, it is recommended to make the same pieces of jewelry your preference. Bold change is very common among the rappers, which are mostly in Golden or silver color. These chains are made of metal or platinum material that looks attractive to the eyes. There are some rappers who also prefer to wear pure gold chains.

You can also wear finger rings that are larger than the common rings. They should consist of Diamonds or other valuable stones to make them look appealing and luxurious.

You can also wear your birthstones in the Rings, which will not only the stylish but also complete your rapper look. If you can afford it, it is recommended to get a grill because it is common among rappers. The grill is a material that is made up of metal which acts as a cap for the teeth. It looks Savage and trending, but it is very expensive to get.

If you are a man, you can wear large hoops in your ears because it is the sign of female rappers. If you do not want to wear hoops, there are large earrings available in funky colors, which you can choose according to your costume.

Step 8: choice of right makeup

It is likely for the rappers to wear bright makeup, which is not only associated with the female. Men can wear makeup in their styles, such as Bright color eye shadows or hair dyes. In females, it is very common to go for bold makeup that is very dark and prominent.

It is recommended to choose bright shades for the lips and Eyes because they bring more color to the face. Hair dyes are very common among rappers, so if you are thinking of rapper-style clothing, it is better to use hair dye or hair chalk.

Step 9: Choosing the right pair of shoes

You cannot complete your rapper-style clothing without choosing the right type of shoes for yourself. It is very common in the rap industry to wear long boots, but it depends on the type of jeans or pants that you are wearing. You can also go for different sports brands like Rebook Adidas etc., because they look trendy and stylish.

Different types of sneakers are also common among rappers, but they are Bright in color, mostly matching the Costume or the Bandana. Keeping your shoes bright is very important because they should be noticeable by the people. It is one of the trends of the Rap industry. If you want to look like a rapper, you have to take care of these points.


Dressing like a rapper is what most people prefer nowadays. The rapping industry is getting a lot of hype and popularity among people of all regions. Men Hip Hop fashion is the trendiest style you can follow. Some of the steps to rapper-style clothing are mentioned above. You can have a look and know the basics of how you can dress and look like a rapper. A Street apparel clothing website with free shipping will be a great help in this regard.

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