Top 15 hip hop clothing ideas for women

Top 15 hip hop clothing ideas for women

Hip-hop clothing looks quite attractive and cool, but if you do it in the right way. The hip-hop trends are getting changed day by day. Old 90’s hip hop trends are getting back in trend nowadays.

Hip hop is all about wearing cool clothes but with the right contrast colors. If you are doing it wrong, then you won’t look like a pro hip hop person. The hip-hop clothes for both men and women look quite similar.

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Top 15 hip hop clothing idea for women

Hip hop clothes for women look quite cool, but the trends get changed with time. Here are the top 15 hip hop clothing for woman trends you need to try on if you are a hip hop dressing or dance lover:

1. Fur

Fur always looks trendy, and it is one of the trends that almost every hip ho lover loves to follow. You can wear furry clothes like a jacket or fur on any cloth you will be wearing. Fur in bright shades that looks more prominent.

Hip hop clothing is all about prominent shades, and if you want to add a little dark touch to your dressing, then you can wear a fur jacket or just a scarf around your neck.

2. Baggy shirts

Everyone loves to wear baggy shirts, and this is one of the trends that every hip-hop lover follows. Have you ever seen hip-hop stars wearing tight shirts? Well, they always wear baggy shirts and keep the button open if they have any.

You can wear a top inside and a baggy shirt on it. You can keep the buttons open and let the inside top look cooler. It totally depends on you what type of color you want to wear. You can wear a neutral shade inside the top and a bright shade baggy shirt on it. The contrast must complement each other.

3. Baggy pants

Tight pants look good, but it is not a hip-hop trend. Wearing oversized baggy pants with a crop top or any other top that keeps your skin uncovered will always go with a pair of baggy pants. Well, you can also wear oversized trousers, and it is not compulsory that you have to wear only women’s oversized pants.

If you have any hip-hop star idols, then you can carry their style of hip-hop dressing. Wearing the same type of trousers or pants will make you look more like them. If you follow young men’s clothing in hip hop, then you will already know that they always wear oversized clothes.

4. Oversized jackets

Have you ever tried an oversized jacket before? If not, then you need to try it now if you are trying to pull out a hip-hop look. Over-sized jackets look trendy. You can wear one on a skin-tight shirt, crop top, or striped top.

It is quite obvious that in hip hop dressing, you will have to show a bit of your skin because it is a hip hop trend that you dress like a cool person. If you are wearing an extra short top and you want to cover your skin, then you can wear an oversized jacket on it. Leather jackets are the trend you need to follow, or you can go for extra shimmery oversized jackets to get prominent in the crowd.
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5. Accessories

With your hip hop, dressing accessories are a must. You need to wear oversized earrings, a necklace, metal bangles, etc. Hip hop trends are all about wearing oversized products and accessories that will only make you more of a hip hop star.

The most trendy part of a hip-hop trend would be an oversized chain. Every hip-hop star wears it and keeps it outside their shirt. The oversized chains will look classy. You can wear a metallic silver shade of chain, but if you want to get more prominent, then you can wear a golden one.

6. Oversized caps

Always wear a cap whenever you go for hip-hop dressing. An oversized cap always looks trendy. How about you wear it in the opposite direction? Keep the strap of the cap on the front. It will definitely look classy.

You can go for a cap with a brand logo on it. Every hip-hop star wears a cap or beanies. They like to keep their head covered, then what about you? If you really want to look like a hip-hop diva, then you need to follow this cool trend.

7. Oversized footwear

The footwear that you need to wear with your hip-hop dress has to be oversized. Oversized doesn’t mean that you have to wear a bigger size of shoes, but they must look a little bigger. You can wear joggers with heels, and it will look oversized.

Besides the size of your footwear, the color scheme has to be bright as well. You can wear neon shades of footwear because they will get prominent in the crowd. You can even try footwear with light, or at least that sparkles in the dark.

8. Right type of makeup

How about you wear winged eyeliner, or you go for cat eyes makeup and wear a bold shade of red lipstick? Yes, hip-hop style is all about looking prominent and grabbing everyone’s attention.

You need to wear bright shades of lipstick and put a lot of highlighters to brighten up your cheekbones. Never go for neutral shades, and if you want to wear a nude lipstick shade, then you must get more prominent eye makeup. The eyeshadow must steal the show, or how about you put pink blush-on on your cheeks?

9. Crop tops

Every hip ho girl must try out the trend of wearing a crop top as a crop top will go with everything you wear with it. Whether you can wear it with a pair of baggy jeans, trousers and if you want to make your body look more prominent then you can wear a short skirt with a crop top.

A striped crop top will look so much classy, and you can choose neutral shades in it. But if for grabbing attention, you can wear a neon shade crop top.

10. Hip hop stockings

How about you wear sheer stockings? Well, if you are wearing a short skirt, then wear a see-through stocking that will cover your legs as well. They look classy, and wear heels with them if you are going to a hip-hop party.

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11. Oversized sweatshirts

Have you ever tried cool sweatshirts for girls before? Well, such sweatshirts look quite classy, and you can buy neutral shades in them while carrying the right makeup with them. Sweatshirts with attractive logos, star photos on them look classy.

Most of the time, the hip-hop stars wear sweatshirts with saying written on them. If you follow any hip-hop star, then you can even get a print of them on your sweatshirt. A baggy sweatshirt with denim. Baggy trousers and the right footwear will make you look like a real hip-hop star.

12. Denim is always trendy

Denim trends never get old, and even in hip-hop culture, denim looks quite classy. You can wear oversized denim with your top or shirt if you want. There will be ripped denim that might look cooler than the usual denim pants.

Denim shorts also look cool and go with the hip hop trend and even the denim boots. Denim is all about cool stuff that goes right with your hip-hop dressing.

13. Urban hip hop

Even urban clothing designers are now introducing their own hip-hop dressing culture. They are designing hip hop dresses that are quite large in size with cool pictures on the sweatshirts and oversized footwear, and everything else that will be required in making you look like a hip hop person.

The urban hip hop culture is also just like streetwear hip hop one. There is no difference between them. Both of them are look alike. In both trends, you wear oversized clothes. You might find streetwear cooler because they always wear brighter shades, and from the start, you might not feel comfortable wearing them, then you can start from urban hip-hop culture that looks a bit more decent.

14. Short skirts

If you don’t feel uncomfortable in showing your skin, then you can wear a mini skirt as the hip hop ladies always wear hip hop skirts because they look more attractive and gets all the attention.
You can wear an oversized shirt, a crop top, or any stripped top with a skirt. There are different sizes in the length of the skirts, and now it is totally up to you how much skin you want to show. The shorter the length of the skirt, the more attention you will get from the audience, and you will definitely look cooler than others.

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15. Printed T-shirts

Like we said above about the sweatshirts, you can wear an oversized t-shirt that has got some cool print on it. You can get a t-shirt that says something cool, or how about you get a print of your favorite star on it?

The coloring scheme of the t-shirt has to be a bit bright, and if you are choosing a neutral shade, then you must get a bit of glitter on it. A glitter will add a spark to your look. Not all people like to wear brighter shades; then glitter will do justice to your hip-hop look.

How to dress hip-hop dresses the right way?

Here are few tips that will help you to carry hip hop trends in a better way:

  • Buy oversized clothes always.
  • Try to wear short crop tops because they will look more trendy with baggy jeans and trousers
  • Go for cool, bright shades so you will become more prominent in the crowd
    You need to wear the right amount of makeup
  • If you are going with neutral shades, then you can try wearing black shade more
  • Always wear a hat because this is the best hip hop trend
  • Wear jewelry if not oversized but at least trendy
  • You can try neon shades color schemes to look more hip hop girl

What are you doing wrong with your hip-hop dressing?

What have you been doing wrong with your hip-hop dressing because once you get ready, you don’t look satisfied with your dressing? Well, here are few things that you might have been doing wrong, or you are not wearing them in the right way that you must avoid doing from now on:

  • You are wearing too many neutral shades, and hip hop is nothing about neutral colors.
  • You are wearing the right color contrast.
  • Accessories you are wearing don’t go with your dressing.
  • The jewelry you have been wearing is not oversized, and hip hop is all about oversized things.
  • Try to wear the right footwear that means prominent ones and quite bigger in size than the user sneakers or joggers you wear in routine.
  • You want to look trendy at hip hop parties but not wearing pencil heels means you are not going to look hip hop party
  • You are not wearing enough makeup, or the makeup is not bright enough
    Always wear oversized clothes because hip hop is not about tight-fitting clothes.

The final words

Now you know the trends of hip-hop clothing and how to make them look more trendy. We have mentioned few mistakes that you have been making with your hip-hop wardrobe. You can try upcoming streetwear brands like Stussy, BAPE, WTAPS, etc.

If you really want to look cool and you like to attend hip hop parties, then you need to look like them, and it is only possible if you wear the right hip hop clothes with the right choice of colors.

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